Writing workshops...

My one-day, intensive writing workshops include a mix of fully supported activities and discussion with a focus on writing exercises, peer and personal review, as well as exploration into what it means to tell a story, where we find inspiration, storytelling structure and how to outline even the most abstract ideas. 

Each writer will also receive a set of specially-chosen writing utensils as well as a writing notebook to use during (and after) your workshop experience.

As this is an especially busy time of year for me professionally, I do not currently have a workshop scheduled. If you'd like to be notified as soon as the next workshop is scheduled, please sign up to my list!


"I LOVED participating in this all-day workshop. Angi was poised, she navigated us through all of the work thoughtfully and effectively. I learned a TON! AND, she served great food all day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this special day with this extraordinary person." - Nancy Hamilton


"I enjoyed the intimate group dynamic and am intrigued by the convention of the obituary, which I may come back to as an exercise in self-examination. By inviting us to complete sentences and run with thoughts -- and, for me, to grab and expand on some recent experiences which I would have thought of as mundane had I not put them in writing -- Angi allowed me to rediscover an appreciation for the content of daily life that I tend to overlook in my writing. I found the day to be well-worth the time and investment and I recommend the experience." - Tim Nesbitt


Message from Angi: "I attended my first writing workshop a few years ago and I almost didn't register because I was afraid of not being good enough and of what people would think. Something in my heart and my gut insisted and I registered. My instructor was gentle and kind (as I aim to be) and I felt completely safe trying new techniques and sharing my work. If you're following your instincts and teetering on the edge as you debate about registering, I hope you take the same leap of faith I did; I will hold your hand and help you land safely, feeling exhilarated.